970 – Rock formation Tinipak River

On the last day of our family gathering in Tanay, Rizal, most of make a trip via ferry and tricycle (motorbike with side car) to the Tinipak river, where we hiked up the river for half an hour to see the rapids and rock formations. While everyone else was taking pictures of each other I took a moment to sketch this. The marble rocks are a beautiful pink and grey.



969 – Waterfalls and swimming hole

On the first full day of our little family holiday in Tanay, Rizal, we began with a short hike to a swimming hole. At the first opportunity I sat down and sketched in a beautiful shady spot – although I enjoyed it I find this kind of scene difficult to paint and it ended up a bit muddy.


968 – Surrounded by trees

Over the weekend the whole extended family (about 30 of us) headed out to an Airbnb cottage Tanay, Rizal Province . This is the first sketch I did during the trip, sitting on the big covered terrace. The cottage was buried in amongst verdant tropical greenery – and was lovely and cool at night being fairly high up in the mountains.


967 – Grow kit table present – sketching thank you’s

As a way of saying thank you to everyone who got me a Christmas present this year I have decided to sketch each gift (as well as doing my usual sketches when I am out and about). It may take me a while, but it also makes it easier for me to think up a subject matter! This one was from my sister and brother-in-law, an extra gift that was opened at the Christmas dinner table.


966 – Gym bags and water bottles

Another indicator that I am well and truly back in the Philippines is taking my daughter to her gymnastics class. It seems like most of the kids at the class have the same bags – some sponsorship arrangement or something I think. Anyway that’s nice for me as the repetition presents a good opportunity for sketching. For a change I decided to leave a lot of white areas in this sketch, rather than overdoing the background as I often do.


965 – Snack time

For my sketch last night, lacking any idea of what to draw, I followed the Doodlewash prompt for Jan 7, “Snacks”. This is supposed to be a bag of crisps – but somehow doesn’t really look like that…even so I still like the colour effects I ended up with.