752 – Garden

Here is my sketch for the second day of the June Doodlewash challenge, the prompt being “gardens”. Our balcony serves as our garden – it’s so overloaded with plants there is barely room to get out there!



751 – Produce of sunshine

You can tell I am back in the Philippines when I start sketching bananas. This one was the last one for the May Doodlewash challenge…so congratulations me for finishing all 31 sketches! The prompt was dessert – and for us that usually means fruit.


750 – Crouching man

Here is another sketch I did when I had a very long layover in Doha on my way home from Lebanon. This bronze sculpture is by Tom Otterness and is part of a series called “playground” – you can climb inside this one. By the time I drew this it was 4am and I was falling asleep!


749 – What kind of bear is this?

If anyone has travelled through Doha they will be familiar with this huge teddy bear sculpture. It’s called Untitled Lamp Bear and is by Swiss artist Urs Fischer. Apparently it’s supposed to celebrate the idea of travel…but with a lamp shoved up it’s back, it looks more tortured to me. I had to perch on a bar to draw this – no chairs in this area! I was also hoping this would count as a panda for the Doodlewash prompt of Wed-30-May.


747 – Sunshine at the AUB

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to have a free afternoon before I caught my flight back home from Beirut, so naturally I took the opportunity to do some sketching. The American University of Beirut (AUB) was established in 1866 and the campus has some lovely gardens and old buildings. This sketch also serves as my first for the Doodlewash June challenge, the prompt being “sunshine”…though I still have a couple to post for the May challenge!