869 – Poster girls

So today I was at my daughters gym class and of course had time to kill. Thinking I should draw some of the gymnasts for a change, I spotted some posters and decided to draw them (with all the other gym equipment around) … much easier because they don’t move around!



866 – This is a pipe

I’ve never used this pipe – it was bought as a souvenir in Cambodia and is for smoking opium. It has a porcelain bowl and brass spout. As soon as I’d finished I thought of Magritte’s famous painting “The treachery of images” which is also called “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” (this is not a pipe). His reasoning was that he’d be lying if he said it was a pipe – because it’s only a representation of a pipe. So I’m kind of lying with my title!


863 – Blues at gym

After I’d sketched chairs at the coffee shop, I left because they keep the AC way too cold, and had a few moments at my daughters gym class…so I did this one very quickly while waiting. You might notice at the top right there is someone laying on the floor – he seemed to be engrossed in his mobile phone rather than doing some kind of gym exercise.