732 – Urban sketcher at work

Here is my last sketch from the Philippines Urban sketchers sketch-walk at the Planetarium on the weekend.



731 – Flagpole at the entrance gate

Here is another sketch from my visit to the Planetarium with Philippines urban sketchers on the weekend. As I drew this in the roasting heat, the guard closed the gate and locked me out on the pavement. I got back in through another entrance later.


730 – Planetarium

Yesterday I joined the Philippines Urban sketchers at the Planetarium, Rizal Park for a sketch-walk – and a seven year anniversary of the group. Here is the first sketch I did of the Planetarium building.


728 – Paraw Regatta

Here is my sketch for the Doodlewash May challenge prompt of “Sailboats” for Thursday 17th. Paraw Regatta is an annual festival held near where we used to live on the coast in Iloilo – the main event being a sailboat race in Iloilo Strait with colourful Visayan double outrigger sail boats….as per the design on my t-shirt!