#542 – Company while sleeping

ACE.542-company while sleeping 171111-2-wm

I’ve missed a couple of days because of my workload, so today I am catching up with sketching and posting drawings. Here is the first one I did – very quickly while my daughter Kelly was snoozing with the cat.



#540 – View from Bohol Beach Club

ACE.540-view from bohol beach club 171105-2-wm

This is my last painting from our little holiday in Bohol. I drew this at Bohol Beach Club, the resort next door to ours, where we ate dinner and lunch a few times (because there was no veggie food in the place we stayed in). The sea is a brilliant turquoise blue and the sand a blinding coral white – a really beautiful spot.


#538 – Loungers

Last post for today – this is the sketch I did yesterday as the sun was going down. The odd shapes in the foreground are stacked up plastic loungers. The trees are called Talisay trees – with their huge leaves they are great for providing shade at the beach.


#536 – Night at the cemetery

Late at night on Tuesday 31 we headed to Manila Memorial to camp overnight at the cemetery. It’s traditional here to spend All Saints or All Souls’ Day at family plots to pay respects to the dead – it’s also a sort of family get together. Usually it’s quite fun – with the memorial park filled with families, music, little food stalls and people praying. Unfortunately it rained, so it was pretty miserable – plus of course we were tired! In the morning I did this sketch having slept (partially) in a chair all night. You can see people have set up tents all over the place to shelter. The event goes on all day on the 31st, but we left at 7am to go home.