#587 – Feet attempt two

As I had promised to myself the other day, I decided to practice drawing feet last night. I used a mirror to draw my own – this is the second attempt as my first go was a disaster.



#586 – Crowded gym class

Yesterday it was very crowded at Kelly’s gym class…without even any elbow room on the bleachers where the ‘watchers’ sit. I only had a few moments close to the end, when some people went home, to sketch this. I think I need to practice drawing feet! As always the traffic on the road going to and from the class in a Grab taxi was terrible. Kelly was unwell too…a tiring evening.


#584 – Painting kit

I had time today for another quick doodle – this one is of my wife’s painting kit – a Christmas present from me. It’s a Cotman/Windsor and Newton portable set – rather better than mine because it has more water, two water pots and pull out palettes!