#495 – Cat and Bishops Finger

First drawing in my new sketchbook – nothing as extravagant as the last one (Strathmore) – just a simple hardback from WH Smith stationers in the UK. The paper is very smooth and takes the ink well, but is a bit slippery with the paint. Although we did go out for a nice lunch in Long Melford yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to draw…instead I did this while relaxing in the evening. Bishops Finger is the name of the bottled beer!



#494 – At the Mill Hotel

Yesterday we went for a short walk with my parents, fed the ducks and had a nice lunch at the Mill Hotel in Sudbury. Nice food and my first British pint since I’ve been here. While we waited for the food I drew this view out the window. The sketch of my father came out OK, but the one of my mother didn’t turn out too well.


#491 – Deanery tower Hadleigh

Today I was in Hadleigh shopping for more things for my daughter to take to university. For lunch we went to the “chippy” for some traditional British soggy chips, which we ate near the church, where I sketched this. The brick tower on the right was originally the gatehouse to a palace built by an Archdeacon in 1495.


#491 – Marshbeck interiors

Yesterday my daughter and I sat outside by the roadside to sketch together (she has recently been given a Windsor and Newton Field Box set of paints, just like I use). Although Lavenham is full of wonky half-timbered ancient houses, this building has a more classical look and is obviously a lot more modern.


#490 – Cleaning windows

Another early morning sketch in Lavenham…the buildings really do lean like that…though the down the hill view tends to make them look like they are falling over! In the middle is a guy cleaning windows…later he started to clean them next to me but was kind enough to wait so I wouldn’t get splashed.