#392 – Lacson Plaza

ACE.392-lacson plaza 170520-2-wm

Last post of the day  – this one is of the statue in Lacson Plaza. This plaza is supposed to be one of the most important squares in Manila. The statue is of Arsenio H. Lacson (made  by sculptor Eduardo Castrillo in the 1970s) who was the first mayor of Manila to be re-elected three times. At the bottom are some of my fellow sketchers.



#391 – Carriedo Fountain

ACE.391-carriedo fountain 170520-2-wm

Here is my second sketch done on our sketch-walk today – this fountain is in the plaza in front of Sta. Cruz Church. Apparently Francisco Carriedo y Peredo was a General who raised funds for the construction of a water system in Manila and this fountain was built to honour him.


#390 – Sta. Cruz Church

ACE.390-sta. cruz church 170520-2-wm

Today I joined a sketch-walk organized by whoaremaro/thelifedrawingsetup – the group I do life drawing with. I didn’t realize it would clash with an Urban Sketchers walk! Anyway we walked around the area of Escolta Street in Binondo, Manila – where there was a ‘Block Party‘ about to start. This is the first sketch I did of Sta. Cruz Church, which was originally built in the 17th Century.