#522 – My desk

ACE.522-my desk 171014-2-wm

My hotel in Hanoi provided me with a tiny little desk in the corner of a huge room – only just big enough for my laptop. Naturally one evening I thought I should draw it!



#521 – Evening drink, bia Saigon

ACE.521-evening drink bia saigon 171013-2-wm

Today I am catching up with posting drawigs from my trip to Vietnam – this one was done at a little street side restaurant where I had my dinner…and of course a local beer to go with it.


#519 – Lake from Silk Path patisserie

ACE.519-lake from silk path patisserie 171011-2-wm

So instead of a sketch at wherever I ate in the evening, here is one where I had my lunch time on my way back from a meeting. I just passed a place with cakes and sandwiches in the window while walking back to my hotel and decided to give it a try. Outside was a nice view of Hoan Kiem lake…where there was a couple sitting together enjoying the scenery.


#518 – Mon HuĂȘ plates glued to the ceiling

ACE.518-mon hue plates glued to the ceiling 171009

Here is another of my ‘just before I eat’ sketches. I had to wander around a bit to find somewhere that has vegetarian food and came across this place. The waitresses thought it very amusing that I was sketching, but I ended up staying quite a while after finishing my meal because it began to pour with rain. While I was sketching I spotted that they have glued bowls and plates into a recess in the ceiling as some sort of weird decoration.


#517 – King Le Thai To monument

ACE.517-king le thai to monument 171008

This is what I get up to if I have a bit more time to sketch…I enjoyed putting in the detail in this one. On the weekend I met for lunch in the old quarter with a friend from my time living in Bhutan. On my way home I passed this little corner of peace and quiet next to the busy Hoan Kiem lake. King Le Thai To is a Vietnamese hero who fought off the Chinese in the north in the 15th Century. Behind the little temple is a stone tablet carved with a poem he wrote (the original of which is somewhere in the mountains). It includes the lines “Sounding gales, clamoring cranes, shake fear amongst the enemy”.


#516 – Namaste

ACE.516-namaste 171007

Here is one of my quick sketches in the evening just before I eat. It’s better than sketching in my room each night (I have no time during the day because of work), plus I am collecting up many sketches of my favourite places to eat! Namaste is an Indian restaurant and always seems popular – I like it when I am a bit tired of Vietnamese noodles all the time and fancy some nice Indian vegetarian food!