#353 – Heads and darkness

ACE.353-heads and darkness 170406-2-wm

This is my last sketch in Vietnam (until I visit again for work)…inevitably done at the airport. Rather than doing a complicated perspective of the long terminal building I decided just to sketch the person in front of me. Although the view out the window was just blackness, there were still colours to be seen.


#351 – Saturdays kitchen

ACE.350-saturdays kitchen 170403-2-wm

This and the next sketch are done at random restaurants in Hanoi. There are so many places to eat out that I’ve eaten (inexpensively) somewhere different every night. this one was a little Japanese place. What I manage to sketch depends on how quickly they bring the food!


#349 – Red rooftops

ACE.349-red rooftops 170403-2-wm

Today is my one year anniversary of posting on WordPress…so I should be up to 365 drawings. Instead I am 16 short, which must mean I missed a few days…oops! Never mind I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing this. Today I did a quick sketch out of the hotel window before it got dark when I got home from work. This time I started with water splotches and added the ink afterwards.


#348 – Turtle tower (Thap Rua)

ACE.348-turtle tower (thap rua) 170402-2-wm

I went for a walk today around the Hoàn Kiếm Lake today – the sun is shining and everyone is out promenading on the pedestrianised streets around the lake. The most enjoyable part of doing this sketch was chatting to some random stranger who wanted to watch me! It was him that told me that people used to take a boat to this little temple to pray and that there used to be a huge turtle in the lake, that recently passed away.