#557 – Saying goodbye

ACE.557-saying goodbye 171201-2-wm

In Viet Tri we finished our workshop and meetings earlier than planned, so I arrived at the airport in Hanoi with a 10 hour wait for my flight back home (at 01:25!)…I managed this sketch, but for the rest of the time I was working and reading.



#548 – Graduates at the citadel

ACE.548-graduates at the citadel 171118-2-wm

So when it finally stopped raining yesterday I did some touristing and went to visit the Imperial Citadel. On Google it said it’s a nice quiet place and I thought it would be perfect for sketching. Instead it was heaving with hundreds of young graduates having their group and individual photos taken. It was still a very nice atmosphere though – this sketch, in one courtyards, is of a group posing…just before they threw their mortar boards up into the air.



#524 – Night outside

ACE.524-night outside 171016-2-wm

For my flight back to the Philippines I had to go through Ho Chi Minh and had several hours to wait there. It was close to midnight by the time I sat down at the gate – so instead of nodding off and missing the flight, I drew this to keep me alert! And yes the guy in the foreground really did have a big stomach like that.


#523 – Building in the park

ACE.523-building in the park 171015-2-wm

On my last Sunday in Hanoi I went round the old quarter to try and do some souvenir shopping. In the end I only bought some coffee because the shops just seemed to be selling the standard backpacker tourist fare…things you could buy anywhere! I remeber the old quarter of Hanoi having more character when I visited 20 years ago. Anyway I stopped on my way home to draw this….I found out later that the building is a library.