#503 – Superman is heartwarming at T3

Here is my last sketch in the UK for a while – as ever at the airport. To explain the title… which is a combination of things that occurred to me while drawing: the guy on the far right was wearing a superman outfit and someone came up to me and said how “heartwarming it was to see someone making something wonderful of a place like this”… I do love sketching in public, especially when people say things like that!



#499 – Raining while I’m drawing

The weather hasn’t been so great recently – today I had spent only a few minutes in the little garden outside my parents house and it started raining….at least I got a moment to paint the clouds! I added pastel to this…my new sketchbook is encouraging me to go back to using some media I haven’t used in a while.


#498 – Ochre house

Today my daughter and I spent a while in Lavenham square sketching – amazingly it hasn’t rained yet today and was quite sunny. Here is the drawing that I did – starting off using indelible ink and then watercolour and watercolour pencils.


#497 – Water Street

Here is my sketch from this morning in Lavenham. Lots of wonky houses on a fairly cold and cloudy morning. I added some pastel to this one for a change…the watercolour doesn’t take so well to my new sketchbook and I felt like it needed something bolder.