915 – Colour when you look for it

Relieving the agony of checking in when Cebu Pacific airline are “enhancing” their system – which roughly translated means total chaos and long queues. At first glance Terminal 3 of NAIA is dull and grey, but touches of colour are reflected all over the place.



914 – Globe lights in cafe

Here is a quick sketch I did on Sunday while we had a coffee to psych ourselves up for our first batch of Christmas shopping. It might not be clear, but I was looking up at the ceiling over the top of a blue-grey padded bench. I did some extra work on this when I got home.


907-13 – Sunday nudes…on a Saturday

I finally got back to doing some life drawing and joined the Sunday nudes life drawing group…which was holding an extra session on a Saturday. We had a great model @kikinijelay – who kindly picked out my “challenge” drawing (the challenge was not to take the pen/pencil off the paper) for a prize. The first painting in this post is the one I was most satisfied with – all the others are included too.


906 – Survivor and interloper

This is my second drawing from yesterday, which was a bit unproductive work-wise. All of our chilli plants fruit and then die off, dropping their leaves…I’ve no idea why. This jalapeƱo plant is surviving though – and as I drew it I realised there is a bit of Alugbati (Malabar Spinach) growing in the same pot – I grows like grass here!


903 – Prayer for Samoeun

This is a prayer wheel from Bhutan – you spin it in your hand to say prayers (which are inscribed on the barrel). As I was drawing this I thought of our old friend Chap Samoeun who passed away a few days ago. We worked with him in Cambodia for many year and loved his gentle and fun loving attitude to life – despite the incredible struggles he went though and survived during the Khmer Rouge years.