1037 – Korean jumbo

Sitting waiting to board my flight to Taipei the tails of planes always stand out from the dull grey buildings and tarmac. Drawing this I was wondering what I used to do while waiting around in airports. More airports scenes to come as I am on a long long journey to Turks and Caicos for work.



1036 – Positive living station

Have you ever been in one of these massage chairs? I’ve never tried one but my wife did the other day and I did a very quick sketch while she was buried in the thing. I took a quick reference photo before starting the sketch and added the colour later. The owner of these chairs at the mall calls it a “positive living station” – and this one (which surrounds you completely – and I assume gives you a more thorough massage) is the most popular one.


1034 – Somewhere to sit

Here is an evening doodle of my daughters beanbag chair – I used this to test out the paper in my new sketchbook and see whether it would take a bashing…and yes it does! It has a bit too much texture for my taste (I prefer a smoother paper)..so in the next sketchbook I make I will try to find paper more to my liking.


1033 – Book press?

This is my first sketch in a new sketchbook – one I made myself! I use up sketchbooks so quickly and they are so expensive (if you want good heavy paper, which I do) I thought I’d give book binding a try. I followed some guidance on YouTube (mostly from #sealemon) and it was surprisingly easy. I used a “kettle stitch” to do the binding, some old corrugated cardboard and felt-like material for the cover and bought some pre-cut sheets of Frabriano 200 gsm watercolour paper (another surprise was how inexpensive this was). I used these g-clamps to press the book between some old bits of wood and voila! No more buying sketchbooks for me!


1032 – Coffee at the Antipodean by the roadside

When I started this sketch I was in the shade on a terrace. In no time at all the sun began to beat down on my back and it wasn’t even 8am yet! However it’s nice to have coffee somewhere other than Starbucks – but being in Makati (I was there to make an insurance claim) I was expecting significant expense. I was pleasantly surprised though! Antipodean isn’t a word used that often – it means someone from Australia or New Zealand…I had to look it up! I guess the owner of this place is from the Southern Hemisphere.


1031 – 1955 Cadillac series 75-23 – Sasakyang Magsaysay

This is the third drawing I did at the Presidential Car Museum with #Kyusisketchers last Sunday. In this one I decided to include the bust of the president who used the car – part of the display of each vehicle. This is Ramon Magsaysay (Sasakyang means vehicle or car in Tagalog) who was the 7th President of the Philippines – he was also a guerrilla leader during the Pacific War.