#502 – Couch

Having helped my daughter settle in to her room at University (in Sussex) on Saturday, an old friend kindly let me stay at her nice Victorian house in Brighton overnight. I doodled this while watching a Netflix movie before falling asleep.



#488 – Lights on tarmac

Off to the UK to drop my daughter at University…taking a horribly early morning flight from Manila. I’ve drawn in airports so many times recently …but here is another one. It was dark outside and there were lots of reflections on the wet tarmac.


#487 – Greens and storm

Yesterday I decided to do a watercolour only sketch…no ink lines (only some done with watercolour pencils). This is done on our balcony looking into the park. As I was finishing it off, those clouds started to drop their rain.


#482 – Zen garden

Here is another one done during the Philippines Urban Sketchers sketch-walk last weekend (at Washington Sycip Park). I never knew this park in Makati even existed – it’s very lush and green. A lovely quiet spot to draw.