#447 – Women in black, man in white

ACE.447-women in black man in white 170714-2-wm

I haven’t posted in a while and reckon I’ve missed a couple of days – that always seems to happen when I get back from travels. Anyway here is one I did exiting Lebanon at the airport – a super fast sketch of some passengers. No watercolor in this one, so I can’t count it as one of my #WorldWatercolorMonth efforts!



#446 – Green table

ACE.446-green table 170712-2-wm

Back to sketching in my hotel room after a long day at work – here is what I did last night before falling asleep.


#445 – Appetito Trattoria

ACE.445-appetito trattoria 170711-2-wm

Last night I chose a restaurant rated highly in Trip Advisor – it turned out to be very nice and I had a tasty dish of ravioli stuffed with spinach and cheese. The lady serving me was complimentary about my sketch and even took a photo. In the drawing is their pizza oven – obviously wood burning (that’s a log bin above it).


#443 – Unfinished building

ACE.443-unfinished building 170709-2-wm

Late posting of a drawing I did on Sunday. After working most of the day I walked downtown and ate a sandwich at a little café. This building has been designed by Zaha Hadid – an Iraqi-British architect, famous for wacky, fantastic and dynamic buildings. Unfortunately work seems to have halted – though someone at the café (who said he was one of the 5 key skateboarders in Lebanon…you meet the most interesting people when sketching!) said that he has seen them doing work on it.



#442 – Park benches

ACE.442-park benches 170708-2-wm

Yesterday afternoon I took a break from work and ate a snack in the René Moawad Garden. I sat on a bench under a ring of trees, their canopies linking in a perfect circle around a pond. The garden reminded me of parks in Aleppo, where I used to live – full of families and kids playing, people reading and enjoying the atmosphere – exquisite!