#480 – Beijing Airport

Here is my last drawing in China – of course at the airport in Beijing. There isn’t much colour…lots of shiny surfaces and grey coloured ceilings and beams. Even the people weren’t that colourful!



479 – The Great Wall

On our last day in China, of course we had to visit the Great Wall. We hired a driver and car who took us to the part at Mutianyu which is supposed to be more rugged and slightly less crowded. We took the Ski lift to the top and a toboggan (sitting on a little cart, running down a metal slide) to get down..which was great fun. We did exert ourselves a bit though by walking along the wall for a few hours. When we took a rest I had a chance to very quickly draw this.


#478 – Temple of heaven park

This was drawn on our second day in Beijing. On our first day we arrived on an overnight train from Xian and went straight to the Forbidden City only to find unbelievable crowds and that after hours of queuing up they had sold out of tickets (there is a limit of 80,000/day). Although we tried to get tickets for the next day, you can only be sure to get them online and if you are Chinese…not very helpful. So we gave up on the idea and visited the Temple of Heaven instead which was much more manageable. It’s a huge place and has some wonderful buildings – but it was too hot to sketch in the open air!


#476 – Miles Davis in the teashop

ACE.476-miles davis in the teashop 170810-2-wm

So, after our cruise we had a day in Chongqing and visited a supposedly historic area called Ciqikou (which means Porcelain Port). Although the streets clearly were ancient, they were lined with hundreds of touristy shops and it was very crowded. We took a little rest in a tea shop, decorated with interesting pictures and movie posters,  where I sketched this.