963 – Delayed gratification

On Saturday the whole family held a postponed “gift giving” at my brother-in-laws house. I had a brief moment to sketch this before we began – a large decorative clock. And yes the walls are really painted bright yellow.



962 – Golden Christmas giraffes

For some reason African animals are appearing in my sketches a lot recently. A while back I was sketching an elephant sculpture in Lavenham and now for the second time I am seeing giraffes in the Philippines. The owners of SM Aura (a large expensive mall) have, for some peculiar reason, chosen to use these life-sized gold painted animals (along with hippos and an elephant) as the central motif of their Christmas decorations….frankly I don’t see what is wrong with conventional themes!


961 – Zoo coffee

It definitely feels like coming home when I get to sketch a scene like this. On Wednesday we planned some more belated Christmas shopping (we have postponed our “gift giving” so that everyone in the family can be there) at Megamall (a huge mall with a 1km long main concourse). While waiting to meet my wife I had a coffee and couldn’t resist this place which has a huge plastic giraffe in front of it. They also have lots of big stuffed toy animals you can sit next to or better yet, take a selfie with. Only in the Philippines!


959 – Sleeping on a plane

On the first leg of my flight from the UK to the Philippines via Saudi Arabia, the plane was only half full, so many people took the opportunity to lay down and sleep. I was wide awake though so apart from watching a movie I decided to do a sketch…almost in the dark. It might be hard to make out but this one is of a person laying down across two seats.


958 – Sea of grey

Arriving at Heathrow airport in the dark, the sun came up while I had coffee and I waited for enough light to draw. On the tarmac outside the coffee shop was a Gulf Air plane in a sea of grey tarmac. I began this with grey brush pens and then added what colour I could see, with watercolour.


957 – Not the birthplace of Harry Potter

On my last full day in Lavenham I decided to go out and sketch something iconic in the village. This is the guildhall – a 16th century building. While I was sketching several tourists strolled past and I overheard one mention this as the birthplace of Harry Potter! Obviously as he is fictional it is not – but I think several buildings in Lavenham do feature in the films and scenes of Godric’s Hollow.