904 – Stripes at gym

I wasn’t going to draw at my daughters gymnastics class yesterday – or at least had no idea what to draw. Then I noticed all the strips of colour created by the mats and painted floor, so I tried something more abstract.



903 – Prayer for Samoeun

This is a prayer wheel from Bhutan – you spin it in your hand to say prayers (which are inscribed on the barrel). As I was drawing this I thought of our old friend Chap Samoeun who passed away a few days ago. We worked with him in Cambodia for many year and loved his gentle and fun loving attitude to life – despite the incredible struggles he went though and survived during the Khmer Rouge years.


902 – Out of gas

The gas ran out (we use LPG) just before I could finish cooking dinner last night and as we seem to have no up to date number for delivery, we had to order out. No hesitation from our daughter who could live on pizza and who also claimed to be starving! This is a sketch of the debris.


901 – Delivery bikes

After an interesting visit to the National Museum of Natural History we had lunch at Shakey’s (a pizza place). I find it strange how the museum doesn’t capitalise on the hundreds of visitors by running a cafe or even a souvenir shop. Our visit was marred by them not allowing any sketching inside (no idea why) and by our car keys mysteriously falling out of my bag which I was obliged to leave in the cloakroom. I checked carefully when I collected my bag and having found them missing, I asked the cloakroom attendant who knew instantly where they had “fallen”! This is the view from Shakey’s.


899 – Catching flies at Mt. Manabu

Last Friday we decided to go for a little trek to the top of Mt. Manabu in Batangas. The trek was supposed to be level 2 (meaning pretty easy) and it did take us only a few hours to get up there – though we were sweaty and out of breath by the time we got to see the lovely views! At the top is a concrete cross and a little grotto with a statue. Kelly (our daughter) naturally decided to have a snooze after our picnic – she could sleep anywhere!