#631 – Life drawing

Here is another one from my life drawing on Saturday. There was an Ancient Egypt theme…hence the dramatic pose.



#627 – Life drawing

On Saturday I attended a life drawing session organised by PensNBrushes. I won’t post all the drawings – but this is the only one of the male model that turned out OK. Instead of my usual pastel work, I decided to try watercolour and water soluble graphite.


#621 – Mozzie killer

Yesterday I gave our apartment a thorough fumigation – to wipe out the mosquitos and a plague of ants we’ve been having…so I sketched the kit I used. It’s dengue season here and last Monday as we went to the launch of ‘The Sandy Project”. This is a dengue awareness and prevention campaign set up in memory of Sandy, a friend of our daughter, whose life was tragically taken by a virulent strain of dengue 5 years ago.