Domestic scenes in Phnom Penh

Here are a few more sketches from when I lived in Cambodia. These are just some views in my apartment done in 1997:

1. Some space: 19-Feb-1997

2. Tomorrow will be good: 24-Jul-1997

3. Part way packed up: 15-Aug-1997


Bayon, Angkor, Cambodia

My old students in Cambodia asked for some drawings of the Bayon to print on a T-shirt, so that got me looking through my old sketchbooks. Here are the Bayon drawings I found.

CMB.bayon heads 980514-2-wm

Bayon heads – May 1998

CMB.bayon to music 970503-2-wm

Bayon to music – May-1997

I was lucky enough to spend 7 years living and working in Cambodia. For holidays I used to travel up to Siem Reap and spend a whole week just hanging about the temples and drawing. My drawings were bolder and I used less ink back then…inspiration for changing for what I do now. I’ll be posting a few more from Cambodia and other times in batches….