665 – Bananas again

“Bananas again?!” …is what my daughter said when she saw me sketching again on Monday evening, while half watching the TV. I’m not bothered repeating subjects though as it gives me a chance to practice and hone my style!



664 – Mother’s Day flowers

My daughter studying in the UK was thoughtful enough to send my wife a bunch of flowers in time for Mother’s Day – they are still just about alive…so I did a quick sketch of them one evening.


662 – Sta. Cruz cables

Here is my drawing of Santa Cruz Church in old Manila done on the Philippine Urban Sketchers March sketch-walk yesterday. We found a small shady spot next to the fountain in the traffic island to sketch from – it’s a pity though that everywhere you look are birds nests of cables!


661 – Manuel F Tiaoqui Building

Yesterday we joined the March sketch-walk of Philippines Urban Sketchers at Plaza Sta. Cruz in old Manila. The plaza is a busy commercial area, bustling with noisy traffic and hawkers. It was also roasting hot. This is my first drawing – as always the sketchers attracted a lot of attention, which I always welcome and enjoy.


659 – Crowds saying goodbye Hanoi

There are very few flights from Hanoi direct to Manila – the one I took left Hanoi at 1:25 am on Thursday….so I sketched to stay awake. Despite the late/early hour, the airport was heaving with people standing around looking through windows into the ‘airside’. While I drew this I chatted to a family who were there to say goodbye to a young friend going to do a PhD in Japan and then after that I was surrounded by an enormous extended family taking photos of each other (I am sure I must have appeared in the corner of a few of their family snaps).