#451 – Basketball players

ACE.451-basketball players 170719-2-wm

I finally got outside to sketch yesterday. Here is a view of the common basketball court at our place. Everything seemed green (except for the rubbish bins)…even the court…so I kept the colours muted and used mostly greens and blues. I also added some chalk pastel for a change.


#449 – Red bowl

ACE.449-red bowl 170717-2-wm

Here is a late night doodle. The AC in our living room drips sometimes so we use a bowl to protect the couch – and our heads. The highlights on the bowl are there by chance – when I closed the sketchbook the paint was wet and sticky and the pages got glued together. When I opened it a few bits of the surface ripped off – so I just coloured it back in! I think it really improved the sketch.


#448 – Gloomy waiting

ACE.448-gloomy waiting 170715-2-wm

Here is a sketch I did at Bahrain airport on my way home – where I had a few hours stopover. Can’t say I was in a good mood while I was waiting here – I was flying Gulf Air and I haven’t had the best of experiences flying with them. The airport in Bahrain is a bit run down and cramped as well – so they had to shuffle people about before boarding…not much fun when you are tired and just want to go home!


#447 – Women in black, man in white

ACE.447-women in black man in white 170714-2-wm

I haven’t posted in a while and reckon I’ve missed a couple of days – that always seems to happen when I get back from travels. Anyway here is one I did exiting Lebanon at the airport – a super fast sketch of some passengers. No watercolor in this one, so I can’t count it as one of my #WorldWatercolorMonth efforts!


#445 – Appetito Trattoria

ACE.445-appetito trattoria 170711-2-wm

Last night I chose a restaurant rated highly in Trip Advisor – it turned out to be very nice and I had a tasty dish of ravioli stuffed with spinach and cheese. The lady serving me was complimentary about my sketch and even took a photo. In the drawing is their pizza oven – obviously wood burning (that’s a log bin above it).