883 – One of those days

I’ve been taking Tagalog (Filipino) lessons at my daughters school recently – kindly offered for free by one of the foreign teachers who can speak it fluently. Yesterday the lesson was postponed so I had a few moments to sketch. This little boy was either tired or had been having a difficult day.



882 – Woman inside food outside

Today, to get out of the house, I took a walk down the road and had a coffee at a little shop called “Brewhilde”. I sat outside and drew someone who was working away inside. The shop is decorated in posters of the different food they serve.


880 – A morning of car trouble

Yesterday I had booked to join life drawing classes in the afternoon. Fate got in the way though – first we discovered several lumps on the side wall of one tyre on the car and had to get it replaced, then the car wouldn’t start and we had to call out someone to check and eventually replace the battery. By then it was too late for me to drive to the life drawing which is on the other side of Metro Manila. After all this grief we got the car washed (and I sketched this while waiting)….then, when the car was finished and we were driving home, it rained!


879 – Flag at the coffee shop

Even though the flag on the wall is the brightest thing in this little coffee shop (Cafe Avelino’s in Tiendesitas), I didn’t notice it until I started sketching. The mistake I made in this sketch (there is always one or more) was painting in the black till on the counter, because the guys hair is the same colour…oops. I also learnt that Tiendesitas is a Spanish word meaning a collection of little stores.


877 – The chair is there for Gordon

The title of this might seem a bit odd, but as I was sketching the chair to the right I was thinking of my friend Gordon Rice who passed away several years ago. He was a friend of my parents as well but him and I used to visit art exhibitions in London and attended several summer painting classes together. I once showed him a sketch with a chair just like the one in this sketch, that was hanging up on a wall – and he marvelled at the interesting things I always find to draw. I miss him.