Day 245 – Cliffs in Beirut


On Sunday I walked down to the coast and sat in a cafe to have a fresh orange juice and paint this beautiful view (in watercolour, ink and pencil). I think the rocks are actually called the Pigeon rocks.


5 thoughts on “Day 245 – Cliffs in Beirut

  1. I don’t know if it’s just because landscapes are naturally more pleasing to the human eye, or if you have a particular knack for them, but I really like your landscape work – especially the urban stuff actually. It feels to me kind of like architectural blueprint given more life. I’m sad I haven’t had more time to look at your blog recently! How comes you’re in Beirut?

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    • Yeah I’d like to do more outside – but I have work to do and when I get back to my hotel it’s dark (plus often rainy). Plenty of time to look at my blog…on instagram and ello too, which sometimes make it easier just to see the pictures. I’m in Beirut for work with the ILO


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