Day 159 – Diego Silang snack shop


I took a break from work today to go to the market. On the way back I took a detour and stopped off here to have a 7-up. This is done with ink, watercolour and watercolour pencils. Today I decided to go for a more detailed but lighter feel.


6 thoughts on “Day 159 – Diego Silang snack shop

  1. Really excellent piece. This is what I had in mind when I picked up a water colour set, safe to say with no experience it was a bit of a disaster! What parts did you use watercolour pencils for? What are they like to use as opposed to the paint? I used pencil as my base sketch instead of pen too, which was an error. Thanks for sharing something I can aim towards!

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    • Thanks Luke – I used the watercolour pencils to pick out the red metal structure of the shed. I also used them in the foliage to get a bit more texture. I find (if I keep them sharp) I can get stronger colours – and I like the way that I can overlay colours on top of my watercolour base…getting a layering effect. I know you can do this with ordinary watercolours, but I like the texture you can get with the pencils (if you want it). I don’t think using pencil as a base is an error – many people do that. Many also use permanent ink to start – I usually use water soluble ink…it blends when I watercolour on top, which can soften the lines a bit.


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