Day 131 – Tin sheds

ACE.131-tin sheds 160811-2

Rode out on my bike today to the post office. However I ended up doing a sketch only a stones throw from the entrance to the development where we live. It was threatening rain again all the time I did this (using watercolour, soluble black ink and a Uniball pen), but today I managed to finish it all in-situ.

6 thoughts on “Day 131 – Tin sheds

  1. I love your sketches, they are always full of life and vibrancy and the sense of place. You have a good eye for composition and balance. I know that you are sketching what is in front of you but you have the knack of knowing what to bring to the eye or emphasize and a lot of people (artists) don’t always have that talent. I really love this, never, ever boring.

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