Day 096 – Tables and customer

ACE.096-tables and customer 160707-2

Here is a watercolour and dip pen ink sketch (another for #WorldWatercolorMonth) of a sole customer at a local coffee shop/delicatessen.

8 thoughts on “Day 096 – Tables and customer

  1. You amaze me by your sketching in public. I think I would break out in a rash if I tried! I have taken years of figure drawing and know the body but doing this quickly and in public, another story. Do you have a certain mindset when you do this? When I was painting at the river the other day, there were at least 10 people who showed up. There was a woman doing yoga on a rock, talk about the perfect painting or sketch! In figure drawing we did warm-ups of 1 minutes up to finally 20-30 minute stretches….but a person who keeps moving….wow, I couldn’t imagine how you manage. When did you first get comfortable and are there any “tricks” that you can share? I have been wanting to paint more in town and of scenes that include people or animals but not sure how to get started. I am wanting to stretch myself.


      • Hi again Margaret. Interesting to know you did figure drawing – I did too for many years, but I haven’t really found that this directly helps me when drawing in public. To answer your question – on drawing in public, I am always nervous about doing it and a little shy. However I make myself do it as I can’t draw very well from photos and although I do like drawing interiors, I also like to draw buildings and public places. So I just steel myself and get on with it.

        I am most nervous when drawing in just an average boring street because I think people must wonder what on earth you are up to – if you draw at some beautiful spot (like you often do) or at a monument, I imagine people are more likely to understand why you are there! Anyway, as one other blogger (Don Barnes – said in a recent post once you settle in to the place you are too busy to notice or care about people looking over your shoulder. When they do, the reactions I have always got are positive.

        I will always recall sitting in a street in Phnom Penh (I used to live and work in Cambodia) surrounded by hoards of little children so excited and happy to see what I was drawing – in fact there were so many I couldn’t see anything but them! I go back to this in my memory when I feel nervous about public drawing. I have also recently joined Urban Sketchers Philippines ( – I found out about these groups in Charlie Shields Doodlewash blog – and going out in a group also helps.

        As for drawing people in public places (especially moving people) I don’t think I am very good at that actually. My figures tend to look a little stiff. It can also be a bit more embarrassing if people think you are staring at them too much, so I try to draw people quickly and not stare too hard! To get better at drawing moving people I’ve just been looking at fellow Urban Sketchers and some have a real knack for it – if you search through their sites on Facebook and there is a general Urban Sketchers website, then that can help. I think speed is of the essence – I just try to keep the line moving and keep it simple.

        I admire you for your desire to continually test and stretch yourself…my advice is to just give it a go. I hope all this helps in some way – always so nice to get your positive feedback!

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      • I will have to take some drawing supplies along with my watercolor stuff to try it out. I think that if I keep it simple and give it a go, who knows maybe I’ll like it? Thank you for you detailed answer, you rock! I will check the references out. Yes, I like to stretch myself, always trying to keep it interesting. I might be going back to that same spot on the South Yuba and I know that I’ll have some people to draw. Interesting that for all the drawing in public and of people, you are shy! I would never have guessed. thank you once again!

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