Day 095 – Things on the coffee table

ACE.095-things on the coffee table 160706-2

Today just a quick sketch of the stuff on our coffee table – another one for #WorldWatercolorMonth. The perspective is wonky but that’s the wonky way I saw it! This was done in watercolour, water-soluble pencil and ink applied with a dip pen.

4 thoughts on “Day 095 – Things on the coffee table

  1. The wonky form of the perspective reminds me a little of ukiyo-e prints. I (sort of) know that Asian perspective (being a bit vague here because I’m out of my depth with this art historically) is “different” from Western perspective. Since I never really studied Western perspective either (too much like math for my poor addled brain) I don’t really quite comprehend the differences in the two cultures’ approaches to these things. I only know that ukiyo-e exerted a huge influence in Europe around the time of Impressionism — and that your picture seems somewhat Asian in perspective (maybe Japanese?).

    But the other thing that leaped out at me was the thought that if this were painted in oils and enlarged A LOT, it would resemble certain pictures by Matisse.

    Taken together, I’d say that you’re in pretty good company today. Don’t know what you’re doing, but keep it up! Maybe it’s the breakfast cereal? What was it? I’m going to go get some ….

    Fab drawing!

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