Day 080 – Resting eyelids

ACE.080-resting eyelids 160621-2

Time seemed to slip away today, so all I could manage drawing-wise is this 10 minute ink sketch of my wife snoozing on the couch, after a long day at work, done while dinner was in the oven!

2 thoughts on “Day 080 – Resting eyelids

  1. Super fabulous drawing. Time slips away and has sharpened your perception even further in its quick passage! Love the perspective and the way her eye is visible through her fingers. That gesture is so wow. And the device sitting on the table too, just that small incidental detail is so much a part of this whole scene. Looks like she just laid it there before sinking back wearily to relax. I love the everyday chronicling of things that happens in your drawings, this naturalism of observing time’s passage in a day.


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