Day 042 – Chatime chairs

ACE.042-cha time chairs 160514-2

Today I had a coffee at “Chatime” in SM Pasig [not a bubble tea which is normally served here]. The pink and mauve coloured chairs are a bit loud in real life, but make a great subject to draw.

I drew this in water soluble ink, watercolour, pencil and oil pastel…on the last page in my current Daler sketchbook.

5 thoughts on “Day 042 – Chatime chairs

  1. Thanks Aletha. My kids love the bubble tea (as you say, with gelatin balls in it) …can’t say I am a big fan, but it’s very popular here. Thanks for the positive thoughts about the drawing too!


  2. this is enchanting! it’s like the chairs are huddled for conversations! reminds me of Van Gogh’s use of chairs to suggest absent persons, as almost an indirect portraiture.

    bubble tea — there’s something they call bubble tea that’s served at a restaurant I like in Washington DC — I had never heard of it before finding out about it at this restaurant — I love it — has gelatin “bubbles” in it

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