Day 041 – Garden

ACE.041-garden 160513-2

Here is a view of our communal garden – we are lucky to have so much greenery on our doorstep. I started concentrating on the trees [most of the greenery is at the top and out of the picture] but had more fun with the colours of the column!

4 thoughts on “Day 041 – Garden

  1. I love the colors in the column and yet I see what you mean Aletha…..if you downplayed the column it would lose something I think. I love it because it sets the stage in a manner of speaking for what lies beyond. At least that is what I see.

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      • Sometimes the drawing seems like it just had to be that way because, you tell yourself, that’s what you saw ( I love your drawing), but actually there’s lots of ways that you could draw that scene that would down play the column. For instance you could draw the landscape that you see inside the space between the column and the edge of the paper — there’s two possible additional scenes right there.

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