Day 038 – Diego Silang market

ACE.038-diego silang market 160510-2

This is a view of the local market building – pushing up against some beautiful trees. I found a nice spot to sit in the shade and have a cold drink to do this – so I’ll probably go back there and do a view in the other direction one day.

11 thoughts on “Day 038 – Diego Silang market

  1. That is a coincidence! Ching is hugely popular with architects who like to draw though. When I was studying we all referred to his book “Architectural Graphics” but it’s intended for teaching architects drawing style and methods. It contained lots of stuff about lettering and so forth – so you might not find it useful? He’s written many books so it’s hard to recommend one…maybe it would be best to go to a good bookstore and browse to see what would suit you best? [sorry if this reply is a repeat of something I wrote earlier…my first response didn’t seem to go through].


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