1792 – Blown away at Las Cabanas beach

On our first full day in El Nido we took a little trip up the coast to Las Cabanas beach. It was extremely windy and a little bit rainy but we made the most of it. As I sat and sketched this (while my daughter and wife were swimming) I was getting free exfoliation from the sand being blown at me and my palette almost blew away several times!


1791 – Big leaves

Here is my first sketch from our little holiday in El Nido. I drew this sitting by the swimming pool – but as I draw pools so often I didn’t bother to include it. Next sketches will hopefully be down on the beach if the weather clears up (pretty rainy at the moment).


1788 – Arya Residences

Here is the second sketch I did on Sunday during a visit we made to Arya Residences where a friend was holding an exhibition of furniture made from plastic waste (they are called @JunkNot.ph). This is the ceiling and skylight over the open air plaza area where the exhibition was held.


1787 – Court in rain

I did this sketch during my Sunday Zoom sketching session with my friend @TheArtOfBeingPresent. It was raining when I went out so I took shelter in one of the cabanas. This might look like a swimming pool but it’s actually the basketball court which was covered in puddles.


1786 – Welcome home

Our daughter came out of 10 days quarantine on Saturday and after picking her up we celebrated by having lunch at Wabi-Sabi Noodle House in Makati. I did this quick sketch of people on the next table while we waited for our order. I started with the guy on the left but by the time I got to the two women on the right, they had taken their masks off and started eating.


1785 – Paper craft

My wife unearthed this beautifully made card (believe it or not but this wonderful 3D ship appears as you open the card) when sorting out her desk. None of us can be sure where we got it from, but I think I bought it on one of my work trips to Vietnam. My sketch doesn’t really do it justice!


1784 – Diversi-team – Juan Sajid

On Thursday I was in Bonifacio Global City for a check up. Walking back to get a taxi I passed this sculpture that I have seen several times before …I’ve always wanted to sketch it. It took a fair bit of searching on the internet to find that it is called Diversi-Team and is by Juan Sajid. The office building behind it is called Net Quad. This was a very quick sketch so it has a kind of partly done feel.


1783 – Burnt orange car

I sketched this while sitting in our car letting the engine run to charge up the battery – its a good excuse to sit in an air-conditioned space and sketch cars. This was done at the local supermarket after I had finished out weekly shop. My brother-in-laws new car is this orange colour I think…not a colour I would willingly choose, but not so bad.