917 – Tale end of day

Tired after a long day of eating, meeting and being on my best behaviour, I sketched this to stay awake at the airport in Hanoi, waiting for my homeward flight at 1:20 am. Given how late it was I think I can be forgiven for my spelling (it should say tail end)?



916 – Testing new pen

Taking a moment in my hotel room in Hanoi after work and before I go out to eat, I thought I’d test out a new brush/felt tip pen which I won at life drawing. I thought it was permanent but this shows it runs a bit – though I don’t think it hurts the sketch?


907-13 – Sunday nudes…on a Saturday

I finally got back to doing some life drawing and joined the Sunday nudes life drawing group…which was holding an extra session on a Saturday. We had a great model @kikinijelay – who kindly picked out my “challenge” drawing (the challenge was not to take the pen/pencil off the paper) for a prize. The first painting in this post is the one I was most satisfied with – all the others are included too.


906 – Survivor and interloper

This is my second drawing from yesterday, which was a bit unproductive work-wise. All of our chilli plants fruit and then die off, dropping their leaves…I’ve no idea why. This jalapeƱo plant is surviving though – and as I drew it I realised there is a bit of Alugbati (Malabar Spinach) growing in the same pot – I grows like grass here!