#425 – Hat roofs

ACE.425-hat roofs 170620-2-wm

Here is another drawing I did on arriving in Bạc Liêu. This is Cao Van Lau Theater – also called Non La (conical hat) Theatre for obvious reasons. When I saw this I couldn’t resist drawing it. It didn’t come out as well as I wanted…I’m never satisfied!


#424 – Hung Vuong Square

ACE.424-hung vuong square 170620-2-wm

When I arrived in Bạc Liêu, I had a bit of free time, so instead of crashing out in the hotel (like I usually do), I went out to do some sketching (and find some food). I sat in the square on a supremely uncomfortable metal perch (some architects idea of a vandal free bench) to sketch this, while I ate some sweetcorn. Apparently this sculpture is of a dan kim (a two-string guitar), which is the symbol of Bạc Liêu (I saw it in gold embossed certificates and even wall clocks during my trip). I was a bit dissatisfied with the drawing – and felt it was not bold enough.


#423 – Driver

ACE.423-driver 170620-2-wm

This time for my Vietnam work trip, instead of going to Hanoi I flew into Ho Chi Minh City and made a long drive from there to Bạc Liêu. It took a tiring 5 ½ hours, some of which I used up doing this wobbly sketch, the rest of the time snoozing….at least I didn’t have to drive all that way – thanks to Mr. To.


#422 – Taking off

ACE.422-taking off 170620-2-wm

I haven’t posted for a few days – too busy with work and travel. However now I am back home from Vietnam, here are some sketches I did on the way there and in Bạc Liêu in Southern Vietnam. This first one was done at Terminal 2 in the Philippines, early in the morning.


#420 – Mall ceiling

ACE.420-mall ceiling 170617-2-wm

The title of this doesn’t sound very inspiring – but the view is irresistible. I’ve sat near this spot before (at the local mall) and thought I should paint it. The reflections in the ceiling and floor make it very colourful. Having drawn this I know what each part is but I’m not sure if others would.