1470 – The beach

The #WorldWatercolorMonth prompt for yesterday was “favourite place”, so I thought of the beach and that led to sketching something that reminded me of the beach. My daughter gave me this little shell and I carry it around in my wallet. I take it out to marvel at the incredible beauty of nature – in real life it looks much more beautiful than my sketch.


1469 – Round

Here is my sketch for the #WorldWatercolorMonth prompt of “round”. There are many round objects in our house but this is one of the few that I haven’t drawn before. It’s a little metal pot we bought in Bhutan (until I started sketching our knick-knacks I didn’t realise we had collected so many bits and pieces on our travels). I have no idea what this pot was originally intended for!


1468 – Fast

Here is my sketch for yesterdays #WorldWatercolorMonth prompt of “fast”. My daughter suggested drawing her skateboard. I briefly tried standing on the slippy-sliding thing and almost fell off – I never could get the knack of using one. When I was a kid our parents wouldn’t buy us one as they considered them nasty dangerous things!


1467 – Fruity

The prompt for day 9 of #WorldWatercolorMonth was fruit – an easy one for me, as I never tire of sketching fruit in a bowl. Each time it seems to look different. These are Fuji apples – I think they probably come from China. I much prefer local fruits though – each week we usually get through a bunch of bananas and a huge sweet “red lady” papaya. This week we also had 5 kilos of mangos from Guimaras …so we are feeling very fruity at the moment.


1466 – Fall

Here is my sketch for day 8 of #WorldWatercolorMonth. The subject was “fall” and I thought of Autumn (that’s what we call fall in the UK) and falling leaves. This seed pod is from an elephants ear or earpod tree (Latin name Enterolobium cyclocarpum – I am not sure what the common name in the Philippines is). I’ve had this around the house for some time and have been meaning to sketch it for ages – it’s such a peculiar thing.


1465 – Freebies

Another random sketch for #WorldWatercolorMonth, following the prompt of “free”. The first time we got some of these cat treats they came free with the cat food. Now our cat loves them and is easily enticed from under the bed or a clothes cupboard, by a shake of the little packet. I guess the Friskies marketing strategy worked!


1464 – Flow

Here is my sketch for day 6 of #WorldWatercolorMonth – the subject being “flow”. I was thinking of pouring things, hence the jug, but the fishes on it also fit into that idea. We have a complete set of china with these fish – bought in Cambodia, but made in Vietnam. It was relatively cheap but is simple, sturdy and beautiful.


1463 – Green bananas

The prompt for day 5 of #WorldWatercolorMonth was “favourite colour”. Mine is green so this fresh bunch of bananas seemed like a good subject. We usually buy our bananas like this as they ripen off in the space of a day or so. Bananas also happen to be one of my favourite fruits!


1462 – Quiet

This little lacquered box is something my wife was given when we finished working in Cambodia. When we lived there you could buy beautiful (an inexpensive) lacquerware from the market – mostly made in Vietnam I think. This one features a Miro style painting (despite a quick google I couldn’t find one that actually looks like this). Inside we keep joss sticks which my wife burns when meditating…hence the (loose) connection with the #WorldWatercolorMonth theme of quiet!


1461 – Playful

Here is my sketch for day 3 of #WorldWatercolorMonth – two of our cats toys. The mouse with pink ears is actually a little “feeder” toy. You put treats in it and as the cat bats it around they fall out. The wind up furry mouse or rat was given to me as a joke present many years ago, when I discovered I had rats under the floor of the basement apartment I lived in in Bath, UK. Now our cat happily chews on it.