#527 – Fruitas stand

ACE.527-fruitas stand 171021-2-wm

I drew this at the mall on Saturday – I don’t like the way it turned out but can’t put my finger on what I dislike! Anyway I am posting it because I promised myself just to draw each day and not to worry about the results.



#525 – Tintin

ACE.525-tintin 171019-2-wm

So after a few days of taking it easy and posting older drawings, I am back to sketching around my home. Here is one of our cat Tintin (she was named by the rescue centre we got her from…I suppose because of her ginger colouring). For a change I used pencil and pastel for this one – no ink and no watercolour!


#524 – Night outside

ACE.524-night outside 171016-2-wm

For my flight back to the Philippines I had to go through Ho Chi Minh and had several hours to wait there. It was close to midnight by the time I sat down at the gate – so instead of nodding off and missing the flight, I drew this to keep me alert! And yes the guy in the foreground really did have a big stomach like that.


#523 – Building in the park

ACE.523-building in the park 171015-2-wm

On my last Sunday in Hanoi I went round the old quarter to try and do some souvenir shopping. In the end I only bought some coffee because the shops just seemed to be selling the standard backpacker tourist fare…things you could buy anywhere! I remeber the old quarter of Hanoi having more character when I visited 20 years ago. Anyway I stopped on my way home to draw this….I found out later that the building is a library.