#427 – Life drawing/urban sketch

ACE.427-life drawing urban sketch 170624-2-wm

This is the last drawing I did at the LifeDrawingSetup classes last Saturday (I’ll post some of the life drawings themselves when I’ve taken pictures of them). By this point in the evening I’d run out of energy (having travelled from Ho Chi Minh that morning) and I couldn’t see the model very well either – so I just doodled this for fun. It gives you and idea of how popular the classes are – and how crowded!


#426 – Ho Chi Minh airport

ACE.426-ho chi minh airport 170624-2-wm

Here is my last sketch in Vietnam – done as usual, on my way out, at the airport. Finally getting to like my current sketchbook – but you can see on the left how the surface get’s all bitty when you add more than one wash of colour. I’ve been delayed by a backlog of pictures … I hope soon I can post some more recent ones, including life drawings.


#425 – Hat roofs

ACE.425-hat roofs 170620-2-wm

Here is another drawing I did on arriving in Bạc Liêu. This is Cao Van Lau Theater – also called Non La (conical hat) Theatre for obvious reasons. When I saw this I couldn’t resist drawing it. It didn’t come out as well as I wanted…I’m never satisfied!


#424 – Hung Vuong Square

ACE.424-hung vuong square 170620-2-wm

When I arrived in Bạc Liêu, I had a bit of free time, so instead of crashing out in the hotel (like I usually do), I went out to do some sketching (and find some food). I sat in the square on a supremely uncomfortable metal perch (some architects idea of a vandal free bench) to sketch this, while I ate some sweetcorn. Apparently this sculpture is of a dan kim (a two-string guitar), which is the symbol of Bạc Liêu (I saw it in gold embossed certificates and even wall clocks during my trip). I was a bit dissatisfied with the drawing – and felt it was not bold enough.


#423 – Driver

ACE.423-driver 170620-2-wm

This time for my Vietnam work trip, instead of going to Hanoi I flew into Ho Chi Minh City and made a long drive from there to Bạc Liêu. It took a tiring 5 ½ hours, some of which I used up doing this wobbly sketch, the rest of the time snoozing….at least I didn’t have to drive all that way – thanks to Mr. To.


#422 – Taking off

ACE.422-taking off 170620-2-wm

I haven’t posted for a few days – too busy with work and travel. However now I am back home from Vietnam, here are some sketches I did on the way there and in Bạc Liêu in Southern Vietnam. This first one was done at Terminal 2 in the Philippines, early in the morning.