1146 – Empty chairs

Here is the last sketch I did in Grand Turk before heading back to Providenciales. Nothing much to see at this airport…just a lone passenger. With domestic flights here no one expects you to show up to the airport hours beforehand…just 30 minutes before take off is fine!



1145 – Rusty lighthouse

On Saturday I went for a long walk to visit the lighthouse at one end of Grand Turk. It took me a bit longer to get there than I expected (my colleague told me it would only take 45 mins, but it took double that), so I didn’t stay too long, knowing that by the time I got back into town it would be close to noon….wow it was hot! There were bus loads of tourists there but they all headed off to go on a zip line and I got to sketch in peace and quiet.


1144 – Sandy footprints

I can’t resist a walk to the beach after work – especially when it’s only 15 minutes away. Here is what I drew on Friday just as the sun was beginning to go down. I’ve lost track of the #WorldWatercolorMonth prompts…but I am still sketching every day.


1143 – Blossoming

On Thursday after work I walked to the other side of Grand Turk. It’s a bit more rugged and windy there. I had to sit on my hat as I drew this otherwise I would have waved goodbye to it. The only connection with the prompt of blossoming for #WorldWatercolorMonth is that all those plants on the coast were blooming.


1142 – Simple pleasures

Why there is a rusty half-container in the back yard of where I am staying, I don’t know, but I thought I’d draw it. This was done looking out the back door, over the wooden deck, on a breezy evening after work. Sketching is one of the simple pleasures of life for me, so just sketching seemed like a good way to follow the prompt of #WorldWatercolorMonth.


1141 – The ocean in GT

On Tuesday I went for a walk to the beach after work – Grand Turk is so tiny that it only takes 15 minutes to get to the beach, even though I am staying in the middle of the island! This sketch is for the #WorldWatercolorMonth prompt of ‘Ocean creatures’…I thought I would just sketch the ocean – and yes it really is that colour here. Grand Turk has some beautiful old buildings along the waterfront and a lovely atmosphere – why so many tourists go to Providenciales instead I don’t know.