1697 – The brightest time of day

Last Saturday I joined my Zoom sketching friend @TheArtofBeingPresent again. As it was noon but I wanted to sketch outside, I sat in the shade of our common ‘clubhouse’ and sketched this view of one of the swimming pools. In the foreground on the right is the remains of a bridge crossing the pool…the wooden base and railings have all rotted away as have many of the balustrades around the clubhouse. Some major maintenance work is needed!


1694 – Talking to my mum

I sketched this one while chatting to my mum on the phone….I should really concentrate on one thing at at time and then I would get the proportions more accurate. This is a bottle of Messy Bessy detergent – it seemed apposite to draw this because last Tuesday was when we got our new washing machine. Getting it installed was surprisingly easy thanks to the LG delivery guys, who also kindly took away the old one and some other defunct electrical items.


1692 – Two bonsai trees

Last Sunday my sketching friend @TheArtofBeingPresent and I finally managed to get our timing right and sketch together through Zoom. He was sketching an old ship in Sydney and I was sketching my wife’s bonsai trees. Wildly different subjects but it was still fun. I think it would have been easier to paint this if had used some masking fluid – but I never think that far ahead!


1691 – Seed pods from the garden

Here are some seed pods that I picked up in our common garden the other day. The smaller ones are kind of sticky and sweet smelling inside. I don’t know what type of tree they came from but I thought they’d be fun to draw. Now my wife is thinking of trying to grow some of the seeds (from the small sticky ones…the big ones are just the pod) and then bonsai the tree.


1690 – Candlestick

Here is just a simple evening sketch…something I could test out some new paints on (I got some Holbein Davy’s Grey and some Greenish Yellow)…I only used the grey. We’ve had a pair of these candlesticks for ages – I think they are made out of recycled tin cans or something.


1689 – Not remotely

I got the idea to sketch this by Googling “what can I sketch today”…there are loads of people posting lists of ideas, which is helpful sometimes. This is the remote or controller for an old PlayStation we have. I am not remotely capable of playing anything on the machine – I find that there are too many buttons (plus the joystick)…so I just get all mixed up and crash into things. However I gather that playing games like this helps improve your hand eye coordination, so I often think I should try again.


1688 – Zesty

I don’t know why I called this zesty when this kitchen tool is actually called a reamer. Anyway it’s a perfectly made little object, made from some really hard wood…I think my parents bought it as a present for my wife years ago.