766 – I found some balloons

Here is my very, very belated sketch for the Doodlewash prompt of “hot air balloons” for 5 June. As I sketch from life rather than photos, I couldn’t find a hot air balloon so just ordinary balloons have to do. I had to hunt around in the mall on Saturday to spot these in Ace hardware. For a change I also limited my palette to reds and blues.



765 – One on a foot

Here is my sketch for the Doodlewash prompt of “flip-flops” for Friday 15th. I drew this at my daughters gym class – all the discarded flip-flops (or slippers as people call them here) from the kids on the gym mat. To the lower left is someone watching and reading…and their foot!


760 – For the beach

Here is the sketch I did last night for the Doodlewash prompt of “beach” for Friday 8 June (as I said before I am all out of order for the challenge prompts!). Just in case it’s not clear, this is a face mask, which my parents gave us and which we use for snorkelling.