#340 – Morning at the lake

ACE.340-morning at lake 170323-2-wm

I took a walk in the park again the morning before yesterday Рand this time got closer to the lake. In the middle of my sketch is a guy relaxing on a bench Рbut he wandered off before I could really capture him, so he ended up as a white space. Sketching here is a fantastic was to relax before the trials of work.


#339 – Tango in the park

ACE.339-tango in the park 170322-2-wm

Here’s a quick watercolour sketch done in the “Le Dai Hanh” park before work. The park has a great atmosphere, with people exercising (that’s public exercise machines in the sketch), dancing in groups (to tango music) and doing aerobics. Definitely going there again.


#337 – Mango tree

ACE.337-mango tree 170319-2-wm

This ink and watercolour sketch was done today at Manila Memorial park. There is a huge mango tree there – very majestic. Below the tree you can see one person sitting alone…I guess he/she was visiting the grave of a loved one, like we were.