#466 – Yu gardens

ACE.466-yu gardens 170804-2-wm

On our first day in Shanghai we foolishly decided to walk (in the heat of the day) to the Yu Gardens (a historic garden first built in the Ming Dynasty). We were hot and tired by the time we got there and had our first experience of the incredible crowds you get at major tourist spots in China. Even so we enjoyed the visit and I had a chance to do this sketch.


#465 – Guangzhou airport refuelling

ACE.465-guangzhou airport refuelling 170803-2-wm

So…this is the beginning of my sketches in China – I’ll post them one by one, so sorry for the deluge of posts over the next few days. The internet in China is strictly controlled and we usually had dismal access anyway, so I couldn’t post anything much.

This one was done during the few hours of layover in Guangzhou on the way to our first stop, Shanghai.


#461 – Not the swimming pool

ACE.461-not the swimming pool 170729-2-wm

When I told my daughter I was going out to sketch yesterday she commented that I’d be drawing the swimming pool for the umpteenth time….so I deliberately didn’t. This is the entrance to the area where we live. The lower-rise apartment blocks are dominated by the massive high rise buildings. I’ve avoided drawing this before because I don’t enjoy the repetitive windows.