1043 – Just a boat, sand, sea and sky


I took a long walk along the beach – but not to the point because there were too many rocky outcrops that I couldn’t pass even at low tide. There is not much to draw on the beach so I just kept this limited to the simple colours.



1042 – Condos starting at US$600,000

On Saturday I was lucky enough to have some free time so I walked to the nearest beach, which wasn’t so far from my apartment. I had to detour to avoid some unpleasant guard dogs (just doing their job I suppose) and despite the beach being public, access is not easy. All the massive houses and condos along the shore hog the space. Anyway it was a beautiful spot and I had it almost to myself. I thought it was peak season but I suppose everyone was at Grace Bay Beach, while I was at Sunset Beach?


1041 – Turtle on table

In the evening when I get home from work I’m exhausted – not necessarily because of a hard day at work but also because at 5pm it feels like 5am and that I’ve been up all night. That’s the 12 hours time difference and jet lag for you. I’m not complaining though – my apartment is close to my office and very pleasant. I even have the company of this wooden turtle on the dining table.


1040 – Outside my front door

This plant is just outside my front door in the Airbnb place I am staying at in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. The house is surrounded by a lush garden (the landlord kindly brought me fruit from the garden) and in the distance, behind that yellow building, is the sea. This makes up for a day of wondering where to begin with work and riding to work on a bicycle on a busy road, balancing a laptop in a bag from the handlebars, but with no brakes or gears!


1039 – All airports should be like this

Having spent the night in the extortionately expensive Sheraton hotel I got to Toronto Pearson International terminal 1 early in the morning for the last leg of my journey to Turks and Caicos. The waiting area is laid out with countless little tables each with an iPad and a scanner so you can pay for what you want with your plastic. It must have cost a fortune to set up. You can sit at a table, browse the internet, check your flight status and you still don’t have to buy anything! I sketched the bar area which had these beautiful glass tube lights hanging over it. Someone briefly perched at the bar to buy something but then moved on quickly so they only appear as a ghost!


1037 – Korean jumbo

Sitting waiting to board my flight to Taipei the tails of planes always stand out from the dull grey buildings and tarmac. Drawing this I was wondering what I used to do while waiting around in airports. More airports scenes to come as I am on a long long journey to Turks and Caicos for work.