1256 – Pelican beach

Yesterday I walked to the beach near my place – which apparently is called pelican beach…though of course, no pelicans around. I wanted to take a nice long walk from this point towards Grace Bay, but found the way blocked by some landowners sea defences, built right down to the water. Perhaps at low tide it’s possible to walk along the sand. Anyway I did this hurried sketch and went back to the road to find a way to get on the beach further down.


1255 – A tree before I go to work

I am trying to get into the habit of getting up earlier and sketching in the morning before I go to work (this is one area where jet lag helps) – it’s lighter (it’s darkening by the time I get home from work) and I have more energy. This one was done from my veranda – what a magnificent tree this is.


1251 – Food waste

On Sunday morning after sleeping overnight in an extortionately expensive airport hotel I was back in the Toronto departure area heading off to Providenciales. Sitting down to breakfast I could only find a table with some dirty plates still on it…and so much left-over food. What a shame…apparently 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted each year causing economic losses and a huge impact on the environment…perhaps the person who left it was in a hurry to catch their flight?


1250 – Concentrating

This is the sketch I did at the airport in Manila waiting to depart for another work trip. I’ve not been at all satisfied with many of my sketches recently and this one I still feel is a bit of a disaster – especially the guy on the right whose head looks all wrong. Anyway at least I tried…must do better!