#564 – Girls on the beam

ACE.564-girls on the beam 171212-2-wm

Yes, it’s back to the gym again – more training for my daughter who will be entering competitions next year. Today there was a big group of young girls practicing on the beam. The two on the left are actually the same girl!



#563 – Tree of twigs at Royal Palm Entrance

ACE.563-tree of twigs at royal palm entrance 171211-2-wm

Today before doing some work sitting in our clubhouse, I did a quick sketch of the Christmas tree the condo managers have created at the entrance area. It’s a strange affair, with the upper part made of painted twigs, then below are little houses above lots of parcels, all made from carboard boxes. In the middle is a speaker that plays Christmas music! On top of all that it was really difficult to draw.


#562 – Medals

ACE.562-medals 171209-2-wm

Yesterday I spent most of the morning watching my daughter in her gymastics competition. It was so crowded I couldn’t sketch – in fact we stood up in a crowd for 3 hours! She did really well and got three gold medals and a silver one. I’m not quite sure how the medal system works here as almost everyone got medals (though there was one overall champion). Anyway we were very proud. This is my evening sketch of the medals – the red bit is her costume. The sketch didn’t work out as well as I hoped….but never mind!


#560 – Plastic bottle tree

ACE.560-plastic bottle tree 171207-2-wm

Yesterday I sat in our common garden and sketched the Christmas tree that the managers of the condo complex have put up. They have reused old plastic drinks bottles and fixed them to a big wire frame – quite imaginative and attractive. The lettering (it actually says Royal Palm) is unfortunately a bit ugly and unnecessary  – after all we all live here so we know the name of the place. Just the tree alone would have been more subtle.


#558 – Memorial tree

ACE.558-memorial tree 171203-2-wm

Here is a tree I sketched at memorial park on Sunday when my wife and I made a short visit to the graves of her parents. I was thinking I’d add more detail at home, but decided to keep it simple. My ink brush dripped onto the picture as well…but I think that helped.